Capital spare parts for compressors and pumps

Compressor Spare Parts: in the oil & gas field compressor equipment is used for the initial treatment of crude oil before the gas is transported through pipelines, many capital parts are involved in this process: ring, gasket, crosshead rod, connecting rod, half bearing.

The basic working principle of a Reciprocating Compressor is similar to that of crankshaft cylinder. The air flow into the compressing cylinder after passing through the air filter via a suction valve. The compressed air leaves through a discharge valve.

We improve the performance of the machines through customized design studies.
We supply all items subject to wear such as rubber bands, guide shoes, scraper rings, guide bushings, premixed cassettes, cylinders, rods, rod guide supports, rod heads, spiders, cushions, crankshafts, heads, working valves, handwheels, pulleys, exchangers.
For centrifugal compressors we can supply and restore bimetallic and trimetallic pillows and pin holders, bearing covers, oil and air sealing rings, labyrinth rings, assorted gasket kits and bolts, gasket couplings.

We are able to supply and restore various spare parts such as rotors, internal chambers, external cases, mechanical seals, gears, spindles, bearings, parahuile, various tie rods, impeller etc … To remedy problems of erosion and / or corrosion, we supply coatings. We also perform dynamic balancing on the rotors



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Capital spare parts
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spare parts for compressor

Wearing parts: wearing rings, oil scraper, gaskets, bearings

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Compression and pumping skid
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