All our items are rigorously ‘made in Italy’ from the industrial districts of Italian mechanics, well known to our reference markets. Committed for 40 years in the production of excellence and only made in Italy, the corporate structure of Cormorant Oil boasts activities, qualifications and supplies in all major market players.

Our products are made with high quality raw materials, assembled and subjected to very strict control processes in order to guarantee a unique and top-level product capable of guaranteeing high performance and durability.

Optimal operation and maximum reliability of the product are essential especially in the oil & gas sector, where production processes are very complex and high levels of safety must be guaranteed for both people and the environment.

To operate safely and efficiently in the Oil & Gas world, all components must be absolutely reliable.

Cormorant Oil is able to meet this criterion, particularly when it comes to production processes involving pumps and valves destined for refineries and petrochemicals.

We support our customers from the preliminary stages of their project up to after-sales, we make available to the customer all our engineering knowledge and our services useful for the realization of a successful project / service. 

Thanks to the know-how of our staff, in the engineering and components of the Oil & Gas sector with particular reference to the upstream / downstream and petrochemical sector, Cormorant Oil is able to offer the following products related to rotating machines:

Capital spare parts
for compressors
and pump

spare parts for compressor

Wearing parts: wearing rings, oil scraper, gaskets, bearings

wearing parts

Components under reverse engineering for performance optimization

components under reverse engineering

Compression and pumping skid with auxiliaries

compression and pumping skid